• Dr. Grace Hameister, DC

A Very [im]Possible Corn-Free and Delicous Life

"Finding food without corn in it is IMPOSSIBLE!"

Yep, I know, it certainly does seem like it when looking at how insideously corn syrup and corn starch have made their way into practically every recipe of every product in every store known to man. I hear that frustrated statement ALL the time. But guess what? The impossible actually is really very possible ...AND affordable!

So what's the big deal with not eating corn, anyway? Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks on the planet, right?


Corn has a two-fold problem. First, the chemistry of the plant makes for a deadly and painful punch for anyone not wanting to have autoimmune, muscle & joint, or gut problems that involve inflammation - here's why: corn has an excessive load of Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Omega 6's will INcrease inflammation in the body, while Omega 3's DECREASE inflammation in the body ...corn's ratio of Omega 6:Omega 3 is 80:1! Which means when eating corn, you'd need to eat 80 Omega 3 pills for every 1 mouthful of corn to counteract the effect of corn's impact on inflammation in your body. It's basically gasoline for the fire of inflammation. And YES! Even if it's organic!! This is biochemistry, so how "clean" the corn may be doesn't matter, it's about the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio, and corn fails that miserably in all forms.

Second, Corn is the No. 1 most genetically modified food organism (GMO) on the planet. More and more studies are finally being allowed to surface that show how much even small doses of corn eating create issues like joint and muscle stiffness, brain fog, toxic liver loads and liver cancer, as well as mammary tumors and other cancers.

So, when even most ketchup and yogurt has corn syrup as the first ingredient on their labels, how can you avoid this inflammatory toxic food, but still not compromise flavor or break the bank?

Here's how:

My Favorite "Go-TO" brands for delicious corn-free eats

Bread: Udi’s, Ancient Harvest and Food For Life Ezekial breads and tortillas

Baking and Sauces: substitute cornstarch with arrowroot, almond flour, tapioca flour or brown rice flour - all of which are also gluten free. Generally, for every 1 teaspoon or tablespoon of cornstarch, use twice the amount of the other powdery options for making sauces - baking may stay the same in proportions most of the time, just google gluten-free recipes for more precision.

Cereal: Nature’s Path, Cascadian Farms, Thrive Market.

Crackers: Simple Mills (SO GOOD!), Mary’s Gone Crackers, Blue Diamond Artesian, Snack Factory Pretzel crisps (HIGHLY recommend the “everything” ones).

Tortillas & Chips: Beanfields Pico de Gallo flavor (BEST EVER!! My personal favorite snack chip – all their flavors are corn free, too), Beanitos in pretty much any flavor, Terra Vegetable Chips (Taro is my personal fave), and GoodHealth veggie straws or chips. For making tacos, wraps or burritos, I love Siete Almond Flour tortillas, and Food For Life Ezekiel sprouted tortillas.

Pasta: Tinkyada brown rice pasta, Andean Dream, LivingNow and Ancient Harvest are all gluten free, too.

Pizza: Against The Grain (frozen) – Huge pizzas with RIDICULOUSLY good flavor! I usually add more cheese, veg and specialty meats to the cheese-only one to get a really great pizza like one I would order at a woodfire restaurant.

Popcorn: get whole sorghum grain. When cooked on the stove top in a hot pot with a lid kettlecorn-style (but without using any oil), it pops just like tiny popcorn and tastes exactly the same! It’s eaten like that as street food in India.

In my area, Outpost Natural Foods is my oasis for finding everything, with Whole Foods, Festival and Fresh Thyme being #2, then Trader Joe’s, Meijer’s, and of course Amazon …even Costco has some of these – all products are exceptional in flavor, and not at all that different in price than their corn-based, GMO and toxin-loaded counterparts. And also, as always, check the ingredient list first to be certain the product and flavor you are choosing is still corn free, and /or be sure the recipe hasn’t been changed. I’ve had that happen, where I have been eating a certain chip, or food, and looked at the ingredient list after a couple of years and they snuck corn into it with a new manufacturing recipe (so annoying!).

This should keep you busy at the store for a while – and filled with AWESOME foods and flavors.

Enjoy the very possible no-corn possibilities!!