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Why Your Diet Isn't Working: Weight Loss Supplements

Clients ask me all the time: "what are the best weight loss supplements that work?" And of course, my first response is no pill will be the magic cure for quick weight loss, but the best weight loss programs that will last with a lifetime of success, definitely do include high-grade natural supplements that will boost metabolism, support the detoxification organs, and improve cellular function while getting rid of fat during a healthy eating program. Here are a few of my favorite natural supplements that help in fighting the battle of the bulge, and always keep in mind: see a professional health care expert before starting any supplement program for the most pure, nutrient rich, and bioavailable supplement options that are safe for your body, health and lifestyle.


A natural metabolism booster and fat burner (lipotropic), B12 is an excellent supplement to add to a healthy diet plan. Besides the lipotropic benefits, B12 also helps create red blood cells, which will better oxygenate the body, protects the brain and nervous system and keeps stress low by protecting the adrenal system.


A member of the vitamin B family, and made naturally in your liver and kidneys by two other amino acids, lysine and methionine, this supplement works in two ways: it helps transport fat into the cell's energy center to be used as fuel and burned for energy, and it helps build solid muscle mass when intensely working out. So basically, more L-carnitine will assist mobilization of fat into conversion for fuel which = less fat and more energy. A great combination!

Aloe Vera Juice

Not only is this a great supplement to improve alkalinity in the body, it is also an excellent source to help detoxify the liver, skin and kidneys. When the primary detox organs are supported, losing fat is much more efficient because the body can better process and eliminate it. Plus, Aloe vera juice stimulates gut motility, forcing stored waste products and toxins to finally get the heck outta there, which means better elimination, digestion, gut function, and fat metabolism.

Raspberry Ketones

A chemical derivative found in red raspberries, this supplement is another metabolism booster, helping to burn fat in very similar ways as L-carnitine. What's also unique about it is it has an hormonal affect in the body by increasing levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism.

Garcinia Cambogia

An excellent weight loss supplement, especially for people with diabetes, garcinia cambogia is a Southeast Asian fruit that contains an extract in it's rind called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which studies have shown helps in enhancing athletic performance and speeding the metabolism. More studies are in progress, but this supplement has also gotten nods for helping to suppress the appetite by making you feel full, and also regulate high cholesterol counts.

Any supplement that compliments the body's natural protective, detoxification and metabolic process is generally a good idea for sustained health and weight loss, but keep in mind, none of them are magic pills. Most diets do not work when people take only the supplement, take only the supplement for a week or two expecting huge results, or take the suplement in the wrong combinations, time of day, or concentrations. A clean diet with tons of probiotics, live, raw foods and in proper proportions is just as important as supplementation - and even more important is getting in at least 4 days of exercise a week. Diets fail, but what I like to call "Daily's," or lifestyle habits and changes are what will bring greatest change, success and healthy results for years to come.

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