• Dr. Grace

5 Best Sources of Probiotics

It's no secret that probiotic rich foods are an essential asset to good gut bacteria, gut health and optimal digestion and gut function. Most people reach for yogurt (particularly Greek yogurt) to add some acidophilis or lactobacilus to the diet for some probiotic love. But to people with lactose intolerance issues, or anyone who just wants a bit more variety, here are 5 really great sources of probiotics that are not only delicious, but also pack a powerful "good bacteria" punch! All of the listed can be found in refrigerated sections in the grocery store, to keep the friendly bacteria alive and viable for optimal health benefit.


One of my favorites! Tastes like a fizzy soda, but acts like a really great gut repair weapon. Most of the wide varieties of flavors are 10gm of sugar, or less - some only 1gm, and they are loaded with not only live probiotics, but also apple cider vinegar and real fruit ingredients. Also acts as a great hangover remedy ...just sayin'.



Not to be confused with pickled vegetables like most sauerkraut, these probiotic rich little gems are packed with live culture, making it an amazing gut healing food that tastes amazing, too. Add them to a salad with some olive oil for a tangy oil and vinegar-style dressing taste, eat them on burgers instead of pickles, or use them in side dishes (most commonly known is kimchi) to add probiotic variety, flavor and deliciousness to any meal.


I love this option as a lactose free creamy base for smoothies, breakfast bowls, and as a sour cream alternative in recipes. With 5gm of sugar, or less, this is a very versatile and delicious source of a ton of good gut bacteria-promoting probiotics.


Yep, that's right! Instead of Greek yogurt, why not have some cottage cheese in the morning? This brand, as well as a few others (just read the ingredients label) are packed with probiotics designed to give you great health benefits with a delicious foodie experience.


And of course, last but not least, the now famous kombucha. This product totes a pretty healthy probiotic punch, but unlike the above listed options, the mother source for most kombucha is fungal (mushroom). I love that for the immune boosting properties, but for better probiotic content I prefer Kevita, as it's mother source is from 3-5 different strains of actual bacteria - like the kinds found naturally in the gut.