Imagine a place where expert advice, natural approaches to scientifically valid clinical solutions, and compassionate care is found every time you step through the door. That is the primary mission of SainRx Longevity Institute.  We combine the best nature has to offer with the newest innovations in science, integrative medicine, nutrition and human physical performance to provide clients with whole body and mind rejuvenation & repair. 


Whether looking to answer questions like: "what supplements are best for better brain function?",  "I don't want to take a bunch of prescriptions, what do I do?", "how do I stop this constant gut pain and bloating?", "I work out all the time but still can't seem to lose the weight I want," "I've been diagnosed with ______," or "I'm at risk for a heart attack and need to lose weight, so now what?", "my energy is low and my joint & back pain won't stop," or "I'm training for a triathlon and want to improve my swim and run times,"  we are here to guide you through the questions with solid solutions based on objective data, consistent clinical outcomes, and daily triumphs.


Dr. Grace H. Hameister, DC

Dr. Grace grew up in Wisconsin, then spent 18 years living in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, California, where she has been in practice since 1999 as a licensed and board-certified doctor of chiropractic, and advanced cold laser specialist.  A former Olympic-level rhythmic gymnast, World-Champion water skier, and post-grad assistant performing cancer research in immunology, Dr. Grace has intimate knowledge of how the body can function at its best: from the cellular level, on up to full-body systems integration and repair.  She has countless hours of advanced classroom and clinical orthomolecular nutrition experience, including her own trademarked cleanse and weight loss program, which has been very successful among her patients and corporate clients.


Dr. Grace is adamant about always being armed with the most current high-tech medical equipment, and scientifically valid modern health solutions.  From cold laser therapy for accelerated tissue repair and pain management, to anti-aging solutions with cellular detoxification, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, functional blood panel analysis, applied kinesiology, body composition analysis, fitness and wellness programs, optimal gut function & repair, and meditation & visualization techniques, Dr. Grace integrates the best tools available for the most effective individual outcomes and consistent clinical results.


As a current member of the American Academy of Private Physicians, the national organization for the practice of concierge medicine, you may find her working in her clinical setting, backstage in a VIP green room, private home, or on a corporate campus designing corporate wellness programs.